Where do you go to when you have no one to talk to, no safe zone like most people do?

Everyone around me has moms, dads, brothers, and sisters to go to when they have an issue, or when they’re just needing someone.

BUT… what if you don’t have mom or dad? Or bother and sister? Like whom do you bother with your problems? Where do you resort to? How do you handle such situation?

It’s lifestyle that I have had to adjust to!!

Both my mother and father died by the time I had just turned TWO years old, both murdered. Leaving me behind at two years old to fend for myself, thrived by paying attention to my surroundings and hopefully being smart enough to just learn from the negatives and grasp the positives!

Yes, it has molded me into the strong human being I am now, but my gosh I have NEEDED and YEARNED for that unconditional mom or dad support that everyone has. I can go days, weeks, months, and years with situations crushing my mind and soul due to not knowing how to go about certain situations, knowing that if I had that piece that’s missing, I would have surpassed that long ago with the confident support by my side.

So, I just deal with it, and it is what it is right? Thanks to my loyal friends that keep loving me unconditionally and accepting every phase I venture into.


Memories of how I became an orphan and made it through the cycle, with minimal guidance and support.