Some day some time!

Your Headspace Isn’t always SAFE

 When both worlds merge in, dark and confused, that’s how you know EVIL is circulating nearby!

 Solidarity hits like a crashing plane; unexpected, unwanted, heavy, and sharp!

When all thoughts absorb you, loneliness peaks through the smallest needle raging like a mad lion trying to sink its teeth in fresh flowing blood.

 Memories glide through without sympathy, where What IF” S and WHY’S Just don’t EXIST!

 Breath, breath, breath it’s only passing through to test your weakness as your guardian Angel sits on the corner hoping your faith is stronger than you!!





3am Unorganized thoughts!!

What is life without parents? How do you manage? How do you cope?

Truth is you never cope, and you never manage it, everyday you wake up and you wake up alone, when you go to bed you go to bed alone, you can't make that one phone call to your mom or dad to say good morning or good night, or have a wonderful day, there is never coping!

I have been an orphan since I was 2 years of age, alone all my life, and yet I am a strong human being who is able to keep myself together, even when I want to break down and die for a day  or so.

Who do we share our thoughts, our feelings, our happy and sad moments with?

Your best friend? brother? sister? most contact their mom though right? Mom is always there!!

I grew up all my life keeping everything to myself, because no one else cares.

Growing up as an orphan you realize no one will care for you the way a parent does. Yes I have aunts who cared for me, they check up on me once in a while, how am I? how are the kids? how is everything going? Very basic questions and answers. They are sincere, but bottom line, they didn't carry me, they didn't birth me, their feeling for me is much much different than it is for their own. They did their part and I will always be grateful!


What if I had mom though?

I would call her to vent about my day,

I would call her to whine about that annoying issue, or about that gossip I heard,

I would call her to tell her about the girls first day of school,

I would call her to tell her about my sons first day of swimming lessons,

I would call her to ask her about that one recipe,

I would call her to tell her about my sad or happy day,

I would call her to tell her how much I love her  and miss her, 

I would call her to tell her about my dreams, my plans and goals,

I would call her for advise and help,

I would call her just to hear her voice and I know she would listen!!

Love your parents, take care of them, you will never know what life is without them until they are gone!!

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